Cargo Ballasting Systems

Frames cargo ballasting systems are used to ensure that the ballast in the hull of a floating production platform (FPSO) is distributed evenly so that the facility is always in balance. We provide the controls, valves and actuators as part of a complete control and safeguarding package.

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A hydraulic power unit to drive the actuated valves

A local control panel with solenoid valves

Frames cargo ballasting systems include a hydraulic power unit which drives the actuated valves.
Controlled opening of the actuated valves is managed by a local control panel equipped with solenoid valves for each actuated valve. These solenoid valves are either 4/3-way or 3/2-way, depending on the type of actuator (double-acting or spring return).
The cargo ballasting system provides feedback on valve positions by means of a volumetric position indicator, which shows whether subject control valves are in an open or closed position.
Local control panels, HPUs and their instrumentation can be designed to operate in a safe area, a zone 1 or a zone 2 area, depending on the final location.

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Our approach to Cargo Ballasting Systems

At Frames, we combine decades of extensive experience in providing high-end hydraulic systems for the upstream oil and gas industry with state-of-the-art technology to create innovative systems and solutions, solving all challenges presented to us by our clients.
We have been providing tailor-made solutions since 1984, and our systems ensure safe control of processes at oil and gas plants operated by corporate end-users located worldwide. From concept through to design, production, testing and delivery, we will use the latest technology to precisely meet your needs.

We are solution-oriented and we understand your industry. Thanks to our global office and service network, international supply chain and partnerships with leading vendors, we are able to supply the best systems to precisely meet all your requirements.

Our added value

  • Compact, modular design
  • Interface engineering
  • Total system responsibility
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Third-party design appraisals