Buoy Control

Offshore safety relies on robust and reliable communication. Using unlicensed frequency bands, Frames integrated telemetry solutions provide a highly available, secure and efficient communication channel between all offshore nodes and the central control room. The Frames system can handle all your key data, including process measurements, control signals, alarms, events, voice and video streams.

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Buoy operations, tanker berthing and offloading

About Buoy Control

Frames integrated telemetry solutions are custom-built to remotely operate, control, and monitor key offshore processes, including buoy operations, tanker berthing and offloading. These offshore processes are usually operated remotely from a vessel and from the onshore facility.

The system also functions as a berthing and navigation aid and sends specific data to the onshore control room for monitoring, analysis and storage.

Frames solutions integrate all system nodes over a wireless radio telemetry link that ensures all relevant system information is available at all nodes through a single request and data transmission sequence. Designed as a robust network of nodes, the Frames system provides continuous communication during offshore operations. This includes using the tanker vessel as a relay station when it shadows the line-of sight between the buoy and the shore.

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Our approach to offshore safety

We will engineer, assemble, and commission an integrated and customized solution for your buoy telemetry system, including control, monitoring, and safeguarding. Frames also makes sure the solution is compatible with your desired communication protocol and auxiliary devices, ensuring seamless integration with your SCADA package.

Our added value

  • Single, integrated solution for telemetry, control
  • Compatible with industry-leading communication protocols and devices
  • Full, expert support during integration tests, commissioning and site acceptance
  • Development of HMI/SCADA packages and supplier-independent solution for PLC, HMI & SCADA
  • Fully customized solutions for your unique operating environment
  • 24/7 worldwide service and after-sales support