Biogas Upgrading

Biogas is produced when biological waste, manure and other waste streams are fermented or turned into bio-synthesis gas via gasification processes. However, biogas usually contains a large amount of contaminants that need to be removed.

Frames offers a range of smart technologies to efficiently remove these contaminants.

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Biogas upgrading to Bio-Methane or Green Gas

Removing contanimants such as CO2, H2S, NH3 and terpenes

Part of our mission is to provide optimal processing methods for biogas, including the removal of contaminants such as CO2, H2S, NH3 and terpenes. Water vapor needs to be removed and the gas needs to be upgraded to user-defined pressure and quality (Wobbe, dew point, THT addition).

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Our approach in optimizing biogas

Good project management is like running a busy family – directing and coordinating all efforts in order to optimize the result of the team.

At Frames, we work as a coordinated team that focuses on integrated solutions. Our multidisciplinary teams ensure smooth integration of own Frames technology unit operations and technologies provided by partners or subcontractors into a total biogas processing solution.
The combination of our project management system and the skills of our project managers ensures that we deliver the equipment for each project on time, while paying particular attention to health, safety, environment and quality requirements for both the client and Frames.

Thanks to a network of international partners and a worldwide supply chain, our clients benefit from smart services provided by a strong, global project management company.

our added value

  • Proven solutions and processes built to match unique gas composition and operating conditions
  • Cutting-edge technical designs, with computerized 3D modeling for previews of any project detail
  • Complete service portfolio including construction supervision, operator training, site installation, consultancy, reliability and availability
  • management, and spare parts management
  • 24/7 worldwide service and after-sales support