Asset Life Cycle Management

Every year, companies spend significant amounts of time and money on managing their production assets. This has led to a wide variety of management approaches. Frames adopts a lean and pragmatic approach. We develop our services to ensure the reliable performance that our systems are known for. Based on our hands-on expertise and service framework, we customise our service to meet each client’s demands.

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Asset Life Cycle Management

PAS 55 and physical asset management

PAS 55 is developing into a leading industry standard, providing guidance and best practices on physical asset management. In response to this development, we design our services with a PAS 55 focus, converting the client’s organisational strategies to day-to-day maintenance (cost/risk/performance).

Asset life-cycle service benefits:
  • Predictable asset performance
  • Investment planning
  • Environmental and safety control

Designing a service framework

Thanks to our system knowledge and extensive field experience in servicing and upgrading flow control and safeguarding systems, we know exactly how to effectively maintain and improve such systems. Our focus is on the client’s production process, for which we have designed dedicated reporting tools that present clear and transparent data on system performance and, if relevant, on potential improvements through innovation. Our craftsmanship and three decades of experience in the oil & gas business enable us to generate significant and quantifiable service improvements, providing noticeable added value at transparent predefined costs. We provide our services all over the world, continuously driving our knowledge and competences. These capabilities enable us to reduce production costs, provide better uptime and reliability, and enable predictable operation as required.