Amine systems are commonly used for sweetening natural gas and associated gas. Amine can be used in  a wide range of concentrations of sour components and for selective removal of H2S, if requested.

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Selective removal of H2S from sour gas

About amine sweetening

Amine sweetening is a reliable and proven technology for removing H2S and/or CO2 from sour gas and in situations in which low outlet concentrations are required.
Amines commonly used in the industry are monoethanolamine(MEA), diethanolamine (DEA) and methyldietholamine (MDEA). In addition to these generic amines, formulated amines can be selected for demanding projects.
The amine system is fully continuous and consists of an absorber column in which the sour contaminants are absorbed in the amine. The amine is processed in a regeneration section and re-injected into the absorber column. The regeneration section consists of a regeneration column with reboiler, in which the contaminants are evaporated from the amine.

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Our approach to gas sweetening

Frames works in close cooperation with reputable amine suppliers in the industry. In addition to selecting the most suitable amine, we consider reuse of energy streams, low-foaming, low-fouling and anti-degradation design aspects. Frames thoroughly investigates how to achieve an optimum balance between CAPEX and OPEX, and optimizes plot size in case of space limitations.
Frames has different sweetening technologies in its portfolio and advises the best technology for each situation. We also focus on modularization, which minimizes the number of interfaces throughout project execution and, most importantly, reduces the amount of work required on site.

Our added value

  • Modularized design that minimizes the amount of interfaces during project execution and cuts installation time and costs
  • Complete module with small footprint for offshore applications.
  • Independent solvent selection from industryleading suppliers
  • Energy-efficient design with options to heat the unit with waste gas
  • Robust and reliable units designed with 3D engineering methods
  • Full design, build and install service for single-point accountability
  • Process and mechanical guarantees for the complete package
  • Worldwide fabrication capabilities