Actuators and Actuated Valve Packages

Valves are mechanical devices which block or control process flows, either manually or equipped with an actuator. An actuator is a mechanical device that initiates a motion in response to an input signal. The combination provides an actuated valve, with a mechanical motion to open, close or regulate the stroke of a valve.

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Pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic supply

About our Actuators and Actuated Valve Packages

Actuators and actuated valve packages for upstream and midstream applications in oil and gas operations are available in a wide variety of materials, sizes, ratings and types. Primary valve materials range from carbon steel to super alloys, which are applied from simple media such as potable water to dangerous chemicals such as acids.  
Frames offers valve sizes from ½” up to 48” to DIN, ANSI or API standards with pressure classes up to 15.000 psi and for severe process conditions. Actuator materials used in our valve packages range from aluminum and carbon to stainless steel with torque values upwards of 750.000 Nm. Our actuators are equipped with an electrical supply, pneumatic supply or hydraulic supply that delivers pressures upwards of 350 bar.

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Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

Frames provides products to serve all your valve automation needs. Because every user has different requirements and standards for the control of oil and gas flows, each solution imposes different requirements.
As an independent company, we can source from a vast selection of suppliers. This ensures that client requirements are met for the complete package – ranging from an actuated valve to a complete, engineered HIPPS package and a specific Safety Integrity Level (SIL).
From the outset, Frames assesses your safety requirements as well as the valve function and designation, and combines these with your installation requirements into an engineered package including the required control panels or cabinets.

Our added value

  • Our total approach ensures the best, most cost effective solution
  • We look beyond the actuated valve package at the overall process
  • Solutions are optimized with associated packages
  • Our experienced in-house engineers work with your business to optimize site safety
  • Easy-to-maintain systems with minimized maintenance and optimized operational
  • efficiencies for lower operational cost
  • Worldwide field service and support to reduce operational downtime