Actuator Control System

The aim of a control system is to manage, command, direct or regulate the behavior of other systems or devices. In the oil and gas industry, control systems are used for controlling other equipment, regulating flows or taking samples.

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Regulating your flow

Actuator controls, flow controls and sample systems

Actuator controls
Frames provides customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. We assess your safety requirements (process control, emergency or protection), functional needs and the actuated valve designation, and combine them with your installation requirements into a complete, engineered package, either on a control panel or within a cabinet.
Flow controls
Flow control panels are primarily used to regulate the flow of gasses, for example in nitrogen blanketing systems. These systems are connected to a gas source, where they control both pressure and flow up to the outlet in order to meet system demands.
Sample systems
Sample systems are used to take samples from production or other fluids for analysis in a laboratory. Our units allow sample collection from a wide range of applications, from high to low pressures and at different temperature ranges.

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Our approach to flow control

Requirements for control systems are highly dependent on the application. Furthermore, every user has specific requirements and standards. Frames is committed to identifying the appropriate technologies required. Based on these requirements, we build cost-effective products that meet your specific needs. A flexible approach allows systems to be built onto a mounting plate or fitted into a protected cabinet.
At Frames, we also offer fireproofing for the controls, with or without the actuated valve package, either by wrapping the units in fireproof blankets, applying special coatings, or fitting a custom-built external skeleton of fireproof material.

Our added value

  • Frames is a valve automation center specialized in custom design and fabrication of valve automation solutions for the oil and gas industry
  • Our team looks beyond the package at the overall process requirements, including predictive maintenance savings on operational expenses
  • Optimization with associated packages to ensure best investment
  • Flexible approach, assuring safe, reliable but economical solution with low operational cost
  • Strict focus on operator and environmental safety