"What I learned from doing business in Malaysia"

April 16, 2015

Suerd Polderdijk, General Manager Asia Pacific, shares his lessons learned in Malaysia. "You are different and that is part of your added value.", he says.

Polderdijk, 32, raised in Zoeterwoude (Netherlands), looks back on the two years he has worked in the Southeast part of our globe. Malaysia struck him as an accessible and easy-going country. From a business perspective, it made sense to set up a hub for the Southeast Asia region in Kuala Lumpur. The ease of doing business is relatively high, yet the costs remain comparatively low.

Malaysia is an open and modern country. Nevertheless, there are definitely some cultural differences between the Netherlands and Malaysia that need to be taken into account. For example, the Dutch directness contrasts with the more indirect communication that is common in Malaysia.

To enhance cooperation and understanding between its Dutch and Malaysian employees, Frames provided them with cross-cultural training. Several workshops were held simultaneously on both sides of the globe, with the aim of defining a set of ground rules for cooperation between Frames’ teams. This empowers the multicultural Kuala Lumpur team to act as a “link” between the Netherlands and Malaysia.

Furthermore, Frames has appointed two advisory partners.The advice and dedicated support of these senior C-level Malaysian oil and gas industry partners is invaluable when it comes to; understanding regional markets and business culture.

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