Storengy UK is developing the Stublach Gas Storage Project

October 13, 2014

Storengy UK is currently developing the Stublach Gas Storage Project, a salt cavern storage facility in Cheshire. Once completed, the scheme will be one of the main storage facilities in the country, and will enhance the security of supply to the UK.

Twenty caverns will be created in total, the first two of which will go online in 2014. The remaining cavities are expected to be fully developed by 2018.

Storengy UK will operate the first 40 million cubic meters of natural gas in 2014, and by 2018 the total storage capacity could reach 400 million cubic meters.

Thanks to very high injection and withdrawal rates – up to 30 million cubic meters per day – the store benefits from flexible services, along with fast-cycling products, allowing users to churn gas many times during the year.

One of the challenges of this project was the transportation to the site, which called for a particular Frames service: modular construction for easy transportation and quick assembly on site. In total, the project consisted of twelve modules and four towers. Through extensive collaboration between Storengy and Frames' engineers, the project team managed to split the modules into nineteen transportable packages. The modules were shipped to the site, where they were reassembled under the supervision of Frames' construction engineers.