Gas sweetening unit for Pemex CB-Litoral-A platform in production

April 4, 2017

We are proud to announce that the gas sweetening unit designed and delivered by Frames for the Pemex CB-Litoral-A project has been successfully taken into production by Dragados Offshore. The unit removes H2S from the gas to provide fuel gas to the three platform generators and five gas compressors. 

The gas sweetening unit was constructed in cooperation with our Frames office in Houston (USA) and the commissioning was partially supported by our Frames office in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). This is not the only Frames solution for the platform. Frames already delivered air-cooled coolers, heat exchangers and an amine reboiler for the CB-Litoral-A platform.
This platform is now in operation together with the previously installed platforms. The CA-Litoral-A platform, which is also contracted by Dragados Offshore, contains Frames Gas Dehydration Packages, TEG Regeneration Packages, Air-Cooled Coolers and an Amine Gas Sweetening Module. The PB-Litoral-A platform, which is contracted by McDermott, contains Frames Separators, Air-Cooled Coolers and Frames Oil Dehydration and Desalination Systems.
About the project
The CompresiĆ³n Baja Litoral A (CB-Litoral-A) platform is part of the Litoral-A field development project. The Litoral-A offshore field is a shallow water field located in the southern part of the Gulf of Mexico. This area is located in the southwestern part of the Campeche Sound, which is Mexico´s most important petroleum province. Maximum water depth in the Litoral de Tabasco is 115 feet. The CB-Litoral-A platform is designed to comply with new operating conditions for the Litoral processing center, to eliminate excess gas flaring, and to provide modular capacity needed for increased production.