Frames successful for South Azadegan oil field

October 4, 2016

Oil Design and Construction Co. awarded Frames a contract to design and supply 24 wellhead control panels (WHCP's). The WHCP’s will operate at the South Azadegan oil field in Iran.

The Azadegan oil field is located 80 kilometres west of Ahvaz close to the Iraqi border. South Azadegan is believed to hold an in-place oil reserve of about 33.2 billion barrels and its recoverable resources estimated at about 5.2 billion barrels.

Single and triple well control
The wellhead control panels will ensure controlled opening and closing of the Xmas tree valves in the event of an emergency shutdown or a process shutdown. Frames has been awarded to deliver three different types of WHCP’s varying from single op to triple well control.
Modular WHCP’s
All WHCP’s are modular built drawer type design. This modular design enables quick maintenance and has all features to easily accommodate extension for potential future wells. Existing drawers can be easily blocked out and either replaced or maintained without shutting down all of the wells.
Another advantage of the modular built WHCP’s is that each WHCP is built with similar components making spare parts interchangeable.
The first batch of six WHCP’s will be delivered in February 2017.


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