Frames sees good prospects oil and gas market Brazil in coming years

January 13, 2015

Despite the difficulties the oil and gas market is facing, Frames, based in the Netherlands, and with offices worldwide including Brazil, is optimistic about the development of its business in Brazil. The company already has a long partnership with EBSE in the production of separators, and also runs projects implementing other products for the Brazilian market. Frames General Manager in Brazil, Aline Motta, says the company already has a strong presence in the offshore segment, and is also studying new possibilities onshore.

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"A lot is going on in the market and therefore we don’t expect it to be an easy year. Our goal is to keep supporting our clients and Petrobras in these difficult times.

Despite knowing that will not be an easy year, 2015 will be an important year for Frames in terms of both execution and sales. 

In 2015 we will be committed to finalize the execution of our Chemical Injection Systems, Hydraulic Power Units, Gas Dehydration Units, H2S removal units, Separators and our Produced Water Treatment packages both for the Replicantes and the Onerosa projects, providing the best support to our clients will be our main focus.

Furthermore we will also focus on our service department in order to start up and commission our systems and support Petrobras and our contractors, to achieve first oil with the new FPSOs.

Further we are curious about developments in the lease market and the new players in that market. Also, we are keen on the possibilities the onshore market has to offer."

Aline mentions the strengthening of the partnership with EBSE, and the new investments that Petrobras may undertake the coming years:

"We expect some delay within this year due to the current developments, but that in the long run  expectations will be met. We will remain dedicated to working and investing in Brazil.

In the last few years we have done significant investments in local content in which we sincerely believe. Our partnership with EBSE enables us to bring our technology to Brazil and create together with EBSE Brazilian fabricated solutions for our clients.

To determine our strategy, we will follow closely the changes the Brazilian government and Petrobras will undertake in this area.

Then there is the decrease of the oil price. In the short term it might benefit the Brazilian economy, because it makes the import of oil cheaper. On the long term however, it can have an impact on the Petrobras investments. For us it means that we keep a close eye on how it affects Petrobras 5-years business plan. Also interesting are the P-72 and P-73 FPSO’s. When Petrobras decides to bring these vessels into the market, we will be proud to demonstrate our knowledge in this field of work."