Frames and Novasep provide a solution for Brownfield Revitalization

June 9, 2015

Supplier of oil and gas solutions Frames and partner Novasep, a supplier of manufacturing solutions to the life sciences and chemical industries, jointly developed an easier solution to protect new and existing production facilities from damage caused by salt build-up. They provide a newly patented Waste-Free Inhibitor Salt Extraction system (WISE™) that efficiently removes salt during the mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) recovery process. This technology has proven its success in the life science and chemical industries, and is now introduced in the oil and gas market by Frames and Novasep.

“We are proud to have brought our long lasting experience in ion exclusion chromatography separation to WISE process,” affirms Antoine Palermo, Process Engineer at Novasep. “Our expert simulation tools enabled us to design a reliable and flexible process at industrial scale that reaches the expectations of the high-performance oil and gas industry.”

Easy integration into existing plant


By efficiently removing salt, WISE technology protects oil & gas production facilities from salt build-up along with potential damage caused by salt crystals clogging the production machinery. WISE technology can easily be integrated into an existing plant, which is especially convenient for prolonging the lifespan of old fields, fitting perfectly with the industry trend of Brownfield Revitalization.

Operation of WISE is also very flexible and can be tuned to severely changing process conditions. “The system has a high level of efficiency and reliability. Moreover, its maintenance costs are low thanks to the elimination of complex rotating equipment and the output of dilute salty water, which means no chemicals are required,” says Bastiaan Leeuw, General Manager Gas Treatment.

In addition to its flexibility, WISE also keeps salt concentration below precipitation level, which avoids scaling. Other benefits of WISE are its low energy consumption, low pressure system (no vacuum or oxygen ingress) and no chemical consumption.

Circumvent the build-up of divalent salts


Another benefit of WISE technology is the possibility to remove both monovalent and divalent dissolved salts in a single step. This efficiently removes the destructive impact that divalent salts have in other typical salt removal processes.

Leeuw explains: “A build-up of divalent salts creates a very viscous fluid, traditionally solved by injecting harsh chemicals or regularly shutting down to clean. WISE prevents the build-up of divalent salts.”