Frames and Evoqua to provide Chloropac® systems into seawater electrochlorination systems

October 17, 2016

Frames, supplier of oil and gas solutions, and Evoqua Water Technologies today announced an agreement for seawater electrochlorination systems.
The arrangement between the companies combines their years of experience, and results in the exceptional integration of Evoqua’s Chloropac® system into the Frames Seawater Electrochlorination System.

Chloropac® seawater electrochlorination systems are a proven method for energy efficient, long term plant operation, through effective biofouling control. The systems protect pipeline and process equipment against marine fouling. One of the main challenges in the upstream oil and gas industry.
Optimizing flow assurance of oil and gas fields
“We are proud to close this agreement with Evoqua. They are an experienced and reliable party with innovative solutions for seawater electrochlorination systems,” says Jonathan Rhead, Regional Manager at Frames.

“Together with Evoqua we now can enhance the services provided to our clients within the oil and gas market by optimizing flow assurance of fields.”

Evoqua is also looking forward to the further cooperation. “With Frames’ commitment to our Chloropac® systems, we hope to contribute to more effective and environmentally safe solutions to prevent marine fouling at oil and gas plants,” says Darren Dale, Sales Director at Evoqua.
Effective and environmentally safe
The seawater electrochlorination systems provide the most effective and environmentally safe method for the prevention of biofouling that would negatively affect the seawater systems within an offshore facility. Every system that Frames delivers, includes the always clean concentric tubular electrode design. This design makes the package self-cleaning and results in a more compact, low maintenance system that does not require any electrode cleaning processes, like acid washing.