Collaboration Frames and Psicon for unique filtration solution

August 16, 2017

Frames and Psicon have developed together a combined magnetic and non-magnetic particles separation system by combining the Frames Tangential Cyclones and the Psicon Magnetic Filters (CYCMAG™).

OPEX reduction and increased standtime of cartridge filters

The CYCMAG™ is a three stage separation system and has unique features above the conventional separation systems of magnetic solid particles. All large and small magnetic particles are removed from the gas stream by the tangential cyclones and magnetic filters leaving only small non-magnetic particles for removal by cartridge filters.
The holding capacity of the magnetic filters (approximately a factor 50 to 100 larger than cartridge filters) increases the stand time of the cartridge filters significantly. The OPEX is reduced and the replacement of cartridge filters is minimized.
Unique filtration solution

Frank Koper (CEO of Psicon) is very pleased with the collaboration between both companies: “By cooperating with Frames Separation Technologies we have been able to elevate our unique magnetic filter to an unique total filtration solution.”
“By combining both technologies into a single separator vessel we have developed a filtration solution which will have a great potential in the current filtration market, for instance black powder says Erik Brink (Business Development Manager of Frames).”