CAPEX savings by Frames Standardized Produced Water Treatment Packages

June 3, 2016

Frames has developed standardized produced water treatment packages to realize substantial CAPEX savings. The cost reduction is achieved by means of modular design, small footprint and low weight combined with minimum engineering and site works. With this solution Frames shows their added value as a solution provider in the current oil & gas market, in which it is important to optimize and standardize packages to reduce costs.​ Download the product leaflet for standardized produced water treatment now.

Operational flexibility
The Frames Standardized Produced Water Treatment Packages are developed to reduce the oil-in-water content typically from 2000 ppmv down to 20 ppmv. It includes hydrocyclones for bulk oil removal followed by a compact flotation unit for removal of remaining small oil droplets.

The package can be extended with a desanding module to process water suitable for reinjection. Commingling of produced water with seawater provides substantial savings on the design of the seawater injection system. The packages are available for flow rates of 300, 600, 900 and 1200 m3/h.

Cost savings solution in challenging times
Frames Standardized Produced Water Treatment packages are available in a variety of different materials depending on fluid characteristics and design lifetime. Footprint and weight has been reduced to an absolute minimum, without comprise on safety and accessibility. Furthermore the Frames Standardized Packages are supplied with minimum engineering efforts providing further CAPEX saving and reduction of delivery time.

"Frames as well as many other companies in the oil & gas sector is very aware of the current challenging environment of low oil price and increasing associated water production. Challenges however can make us better. Through improvement and refinement we will eventually be able to do more with less. This is what we've done in the past and we are doing today," says Jeroen Bergman, Product Manager Produced Water Treatment at Frames Separation Technologies.

Produced water treatment experience
Frames has a proven track record with produced water treatment projects for both onshore and offshore. Recently Frames designed and supplied produced water treatment packages for the Bumi Armada Kraken FPSO, Petrobras Replicantes (6x) P66 - P-71 FPSOs, Cessâo Onerosa and the Teekay Petrojarl 1 FPSO.

Download product leaflet
Want to know know more about Frames Standardized Produced Water Treatment Packages? Download the product leaflet or contact Jeroen Bergman, Product Manager Produced Water Treatment.

Download product leaflet


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