CAPEX savings and shorter lead time with new project approach

July 7, 2017

Frames launched a new approach to realize cost savings in oil and gas projects. The so called Frames Advanced STandard (FAST) builds on standardized building blocks and real cooperation with clients to reduce costs and fasten delivery time.

The current market conditions in the oil and gas industry with low oil prices lead to additional challenges for the cost-efficient development projects. In this light and based on its vast experience Frames was driven to develop an approach to do more with less. “The approach is specifically suited for clients driven by short delivery times or budgetary constraints that want a safe design according to international industry standards,” says Sander van Reijzen, Commercial Head of Sales at Frames.
Collaborative engineering and trust-based execution
The FAST approach employs the principles of collaborative engineering and trust-based project execution, and combines them with the use of standardized functional building blocks. Therefore all FAST projects start with all of the parties agreeing on the same project drivers, like reduction of total operating cost, or minimizing schedule. Then a process design is made, with project-specific process flow diagrams and related heat and mass balance. From there on, a set of standardized documents can be used, depending on client preferences and project drivers.
“The approach allows the transaction costs to be minimized, while the sensible use of specifications combines flexibility with reduction of cost adders,” explains Van Reijzen.
Proven track record for FAST
Frames already has a proven track record with the FAST approach. Projects for major and marginal Dutch operators realized substantial CAPEX savings between 30% and 50%.
The company envisages to exploit more projects via the new approach: “Together with some clients, we are investigating if we can increase the viability of their new projects with our alternative FAST approach,” as Van Reijzen explains.