“Hydrogen is the vital link in the energy transition”


Hydrogen provides a means to efficiently store large quantities of energy for extended periods of time and therefore will play an important role in the decarbonization of the global energy consumption. It will be a key energy carrier and will be part of a sustainable world for the generations to come. It can be used in many different sectors, ranging from the chemical industry to the logistic sector with a wide variety of applications, from nuclear cooling to the usage in laboratories. Furthermore, with our solutions, hydrogen can be easily transported and distributed using existing infrastructure in gaseous condition, or bound to a liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC).

Electrolyser System

Highly efficient and meeting the international (safety) standards, the Frames Electrolyser System delivers a robust, cost-effective, and turn-key solution to generate hydrogen from (renewable) electricity and water for any environment, onshore and offshore. Based on your requirements we will select the right electrolysis technology; PEM or Alkaline, and the exact size ranging from several kilowatt to multi-megawatt systems. Our multidisciplinary engineering team designs building blocks of the system to meet your input and output requirements. These building blocks usually consist of demineralized water generation, anode/water, power and hydrogen conditioning, and hydrogen storage. Lifetime of an electrolyser system is greatly influenced by the operating conditions and selection of the right components and the use of proven technology to reduce the operational costs.

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Bulk Hydrogen Storage

Bulk quantities of hydrogen are difficult to store in gaseous, molecular form. Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest molecule, making storage and transport in gaseous form challenging due to the high pressures required. Frames provides Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) systems to safely and efficiently store bulk hydrogen in an easy transportable liquid, thus eliminating the need for pressurized hydrogen vessels. The systems operate at atmospheric conditions and make use of an non-explosive, non-toxic, unclassified and hardly flammable liquid, which can be easily transported using the existing infrastructure for fossil fuels. The systems make it possible to store large quantities of hydrogen with high volumetric efficiency at ambient conditions with a high cycle stability of the fluid and without self-discharge.

Hydrogen Dehydration

Freshly produced hydrogen (from electrolysis stacks or an underground gas storage) is saturated with water. This water can become an issue for downstream equipment and normally a maximum acceptable concentration of water is specified. Removing water from hydrogen requires processing technology that is safe, efficient and reliable. Based on decades of experience in the energy industry Frames has developed a complete portfolio of dehydration technologies. Independently, we select the optimal solution (e.g. PSA or TSA) for your hydrogen application. Frames can provide cost-effective standard solutions as well as bespoke dehydration units that are completely tailored to your requirements by our in-house design engineers, meeting the highest purity requirements and the largest capacities against the lowest total cost of ownership.
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A crucial part of a optimal system/plant life-cycle optimisation is services and maintenance. Thanks to our expertise and extensive field experience in servicing and upgrading flow control and safeguarding systems, we know exactly how to effectively maintain and improve electrolyzer, hydrogen storage, purification and fuel-cell systems. Typical services include repair, routine maintenance, spare part management, trouble shooting or complete service level agreements.
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