Paul about Frames

I am Paul, 39 years young (?) and I have been with Frames since 1999. I started as a Junior Sales Engineer, after which I grew to become a Sales Engineer. On January the 1st last year I became a Business Development Manager.From my Sales position I was already accustomed to go on business trips all over the world. Sometimes when I think back, I realize how lucky I really was to start at a SME organization. It is great to work in an organization with a lot of hectic and dynamics and being able to see the whole world. I remember an incident on a platform (offshore) when I had just started at Frames. No technician whatsoever was available and since I had a VCA diploma, I proposed to go myself. Less than two hours later I found myself sitting in a helicopter on my way to the platform.

At Frames you instantly get responsibility and the opportunity to pick up things. As a result you get enough opportunities to make a huge mistake. There is no quicker way to learn things and that is all in the game.

Typical of Frames is that the people are watched closely; what does someone like and what is someone good at. At Frames we have a remarkable amount of socially strong personalities… keeping in mind we are a technical organization!

Frames is a sporty organization where many activities are offered such as cycling, sports days, tennis matches, etc. Many employees, including myself, are cycling to work. From my hometown Scheveningen it is a beautiful route to cycle to Frames, through the dunes, alongside the Vliet and with only one traffic light. At the Frames offices there is a possibility to shower and even the towels are provided!

At the Frames offices there is a possibility to shower and even the towels are provided!

Paul Mulders
Business Development Manager

My function actually is created by the growth of the organization. As Business Development Manager my job is to “dominate the world and shift horizon”. The intention is to build the foundation for new clients and markets. The right people should be placed on the right spots. Important in my function is not to panic in case of uncertainties. You do not have to achieve results immediately; it often is on longer terms. Also, you work with various Business Units of Frames and thus with various Frames products, consequently you need to have a broad knowledge of all products.

A fun experience within my Sales function was an environment friendly installation I sold in Egypt which the client actually was not interested in. Eventually the client understood that it was much healthier for the people on-site. When the clients are satisfied, they talk to others and that is how you get brand awareness. Such developments in turn provide options for a spin-off.