At Frames every position has its own range of competences and every employee is responsible for his or her own development. To help bring about this development, Frames runs a favorable study fees scheme for employees. During the annual planning interview between an employee and his or her manager, targets are set and both parties consider the areas on which the employee will concentrate over the coming year. During the performance and appraisal interview, the targets set and achieved are evaluated.

Frames is very much a people-oriented company. We greatly value the development and career progression of all our employees. For every position at every level, we aim to provide opportunities by means of internal or external courses and training sessions. In view of the low average age of our employees at Frames, we have launched internal training programs to give employees an additional route by which to enhance their knowledge. In this way, we encourage progression and we can continue to offer job openings to those starting their careers. Naturally, experienced candidates are welcome to apply; we also value personal development at advanced levels.

Frames Academy
The high-quality systems and solutions that we provide depend on highly qualified staff. Through the Frames Academy we offer training courses to employees in order to maintain a high level of knowledge and skills in the organization. Thanks to the Frames Academy, our employees acquire all the skills essential to their current position while also preparing for the future. The range of technical and personal skills training courses is ever expanding, both internally and externally.

Keen to work at Frames and to have the chance to continue studying? Check out our job vacancies or apply directly using the job application form.