Frames innovation focuses in particular on the use of our expertise and technologies in applications where novel technologies provide a proper business model for all application or subject stakeholders. Areas of interest include stranded fields, marginal fields, unconventional resources like shale gas and shale or tight oil, in subsea or other remote and “hard-to-reach” locations.

Investing in Research & Development (R&D)

We invest heavily in research and development through programs supported by in-house CFD modeling and experiments. To expand our ability to explore and test new technologies, we collaborate with internationally renowned universities and conduct in-situ field tests on- and offshore. We have successfully developed and implemented new technologies for gas/liquid/liquid separation, defoaming, electrostatic treatment, desulphurization, salt removal from glycol and the removal of all BTEX from off-gas streams through our OVC™ technology.


Frames caters for R&D enabling us to provide the industry and operating companies with cutting-edge technologies to maximize production from the assets currently left aside or producing at low efficiency, in a commercially viable way.